Last call for Spices/Seasonings!

Hi all :wave Below is a list of spices and seasonings we have and can bring with us if you would like. We can also get some that are not on this list (at no cost to you) but we need to know by no later than this saturday 5/16. I have marked with an * any that we are bringing for Lalagay,marked all for Hippie with a %, and a # for the Bloody marys.

Ground Cinnamon*,Almond extract*, Vanilla extract*%, Cumin%, celery salt#, Soul food seasong#, Worcesteshire pepper#, Chili powder%, Granulated Garlic%, Oregano%, Tumeric%, Corriander*, Nutmeg*, Garlic Pepper, Roasted garlic & red pepper, Whole black pepper, Lime pepper,Salt free Quecbec seasoning, Steak salt, Whole Anise, garlic salt, Applewood smoke seasoning, Blackened fiish seasoning, Creole seasoning, Caribeaan Jerk, Whole mixed peppercorns, and Berbere seasoning (Ethiopian spice blend).
Let us know! :thumbsup

Just looking at that list makes me hungry. I’ve never seen lime pepper but that must be sweet in a bloody mary and would certainly find a good home with us! Want to trade from some sort of Oregon treat?

I need/want extra lime peppper…please…

Lime pepper it is! A sampling of some of your favorite Oregon brews would be sweet! Dont hesitate to assk for anything that is not on the list. As long as we know by Saat 5/16 we will try to get it.

…and Lime pepper you shall have! it really is great.

A1 Steak Sauce!!

(this is a joke…please do not bring A1)

There are some steak seasonings on the list if you want! Sorry, no bacon salt though. :cheers

Dang…the A-1 was already packed…thought you liked it on your bacon?


Poultry or Beef blackening spices if available, ground cinnamon, granulated garlic, mixed or green peppercorns, and roasted garlic & red pepper for us please.

Thanks much-

Other Ron in Albuquerque

-hey, my blog entry won! how about that

SWEET! You earned it, ORIA!!!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green