LAST CALL for Bacon

I’m finalizing the order… anyone else…

Hey Debbie! You just butt-dialed me with your cellphone! Haha. Tease!

Sorry Hooch…LOL

She’s done that to me a few times in the last week or so too. :lol

And LAST CALL for bacon??? :pig

Whoever heard of such a thing??? I think that’s a crime punishable by law, maybe a felony even!

Oh…hey…Look…there’s a cow! :cow

Just to clarify- I DO NOT actually butt-dial… I pocket dial…LOL

Sorry guys

Is that anything like pocket pool?

First of all I think the whole bacon thing is cool as shit and I can’t wait to smell the mass fry

Second, I really think its great that you’ve all chosen to buy from a responsible producer who treats the hogs well.

Third, wouldn’t the local biodiesel maker be able to use all the greaze and make fuel out of it?

Great idea… Does anyone have a contact or already know how we can give them our grease and oil at end of festival?

Nice! Alternately we can turn it all into soap! Once less thing to pack before leaving!!

a good use for used bacon grease :evil

Ah yes…wonderful fire! BUT Remember that there are NO open fires allowed in Town Park !!!

Yes. Remember, no open fires.

I can promise you that anyone attempting Hippie’s idea of bacon grease fun will be escorted right out of town.

That is a recipe for disaster considering the number of tents around.


So a question for some of the baconators around here.

I had talked to some of you that did a sort of par/pre-cook on your bacon so it took less time on the griddle and also generated less fat. Any tips/tricks/hints/suggestions as how that works out best?

thanks and bacon!

Ready to eat some bacon!!!