Lampshadygrove's Fish Fry and Lampshade making Party!

Howdy neighbors, 4 weeks and 1 day till we leave, and excitement is building daily! Thought I’d post and give folks a heads up on the Lampshade hat making. If you want to be the envy of those who don’t make pre-fest, and want your very own high fashion light up Lampshade Hat, like these:

Here’s what you’ll need to bring: 1 old lampshade (easy to find one for a couple bucks at flea markets and thrift stores), 1 cheap fedora style round billed hat (the lampshade will rest on the hat, so make sure it fits the shade you chose), 1 strand of Fairy lights, we use this one from Amazon: , 1 usb power source (one of those small cell chargers, back up power sources, lighter weight the better). you can bring beads, feathers or other things to decorate with.
We’ll have glue guns and few other things for flair, and help and instructions from Lampshade guru Will.

We’ll also be frying fish, hushpuppies, and coleslaw. Please bring your own plate and utensils for eating.

Fish will start being ready around 2pm, and we’ll keep fresh batches going until it’s gone.

Bring an instrument and jam in our living room, eat some yummy goodness, make a fun hat, or just come chill after the Beer Share.
We’ll gather all the Lampshaders for a picture Saturday night after Mary Chapin before Sam, and parade through the Festival grounds before Sam’s set begins.

If you made a shade last year don’t forget to bring it!


P.S. this is going down Tuesday June 13th 2pm MST, right at the end of the Beer share.
P.P.Ps.s If you’re out in Mary E and want to make some shade’s just get the goods and come on in.
It’s all on @culasthewiz 's Google Calendar which is super handy!

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Cant wait to get Shady With y’all

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Love this thanks for sharing!!!

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Can you provide a link to suggested power source?
Also, do we find/bring our own decorations in addition to the lights? I am not sure what to look for.
I got a lampshade and the lights. Working on a fedora and the stuff above. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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We’ll have some random variety of decorations you may add. And, we’ll have gold glitter glue, and hot glue guns for attaching lights and flare. I’ll find a link to a power source. We’ll also have a few extra lampshades, and it’s possible to find a fedora style hat in Telluride, maybe not a cheap one! We paid around 10 for our hats. Cool thing about the power source is you can use it to power usb lights in camp all night too!

Here’s a link to the power source I use. Monica uses a different one, it’s a few grams lighter but not much difference.

And here’s the fairy lights

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