Krauss & Plant at Red Rocks June 21st

I just saw Robert Plant and Alison Krauss scheduled at Red Rocks on June 21st.
I am very disappointed Alison didn’t choose Telluride as the venue for this performance.
What are the chances they will make a surprise appearance?

I’m sure it will all depend on how hungry she gets for “Killer Flank Steak”! :evil

Auntie Hope :pickin

Or somewhere between “slim” and “none”. :wink:

I’d guess it wasn’t Allison’s “choice” at all, although she can surely choose how much she charges for a show - it probably came down to Planet Bluegrass either doubling the TBF ticket price or passing on this performance. But what a show it would have been.

They are playing in St. Louis on the 19th, Red Rocks on the 21st, and in LA on the 23rd.

Doesn’t leave much time comin’ or goin’ to stop in ole T-ride, but, hey, you never know.

To be so close and skip the Killer Flank would be a shame.

Skippin’ the Killer Flank is unthinkable…

C’mon, they wouldn’t be playing that close to Telluride without Alison making a stop. It is very likely to happen in my opinion. She may just stop there to watch some of the show, but will get pulled on stage by someone. Silly rabbit.

uuuhhh… no. sorry! :slight_smile: