KOTO Stream?

I know that KOTO broadcasts most of the festival on the radio in Telluride. Do they also stream Bluegrass over the web? Might not make it to Telluride this year so interested to know if I am going to be able to get it on the web.

Yes they do and a fine job too
I had my pc tuned in all four days last year

Some years KOTO streams the festival live (last year, for instance), and some years they don’t (2007, for one). Has anyone heard if KOTO or Planet Bluegrass has officially confirmed that KOTO will be streaming TBF this year?

bump :cheers

We’re working on it right now… We’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

Any chance this will happen this year? Thx,
Hairy Larry, the Festivari…an :cheers

I won’t be @ TBF this year :frowning: but turned many friends on to KOTO stream last year when I was. Hope it’s on for us in MN again this year!!! :cheers

Dustin? - - - Brian? Any word on the streaming audio?


I emailed one of the DJ’s earlier this month asking the same thing…

I was told it WOULD be streamed live, but now that I think about it, I’m not sure if that means just locally or all over.

I sure hope it is too as I cant make it this year, but I have my Fat Tire and backyard ready for it!

I just heard from KOTO in regards to whether TBF2009 will be streamed live outside the local Telluride area…

“Yes! I haven’t heard from all the artists yet, but most so far are on-board
for the live broadcast/stream.”

fantastic news for all of us unable to attend!!


A huge, huge thanks go out to the artists, planet bluegrass, and KOTO for making live-streaming available last year during the Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2008. THANK YOU.


Best news of the summer! Thank-you PB and KOTO!

I won’t make it to the festival AGAIN this year, :huh…

… but I know where my PC will be tuned all four days :headphones

Thanks PB and KOTO! :wave

I drove from Texas to see my daughter and new granddaughter in Tucson, but she got a ticket to TBF and now I am here alone in her house! My heart was broken until she told me about KOTO. Now I am listening to the festival live with her and we’re talking about the music via Text Message. Almost like being there except no mountains, no cool air, no hippies to dance with, and no festival food. But otherwise, it’s way better than pouting alone and I can dance in front of the A/C. Thanks KOTO.

Praise the Lord for this. Not quite like being there - but better than quite a few other things I could be listening to!

Man, listening to these guys makes me want to practice that much harder.

I can’t thank KOTO enough for this! It’s the next best thing to being there! I’m listening to Yonder Mountain streaming live on this beautiful sunny Saturday evening from Georgia. Remembering all the years I’ve hula-hooped all the way through their set.

This live stream has made it a little more bearable that I couldn’t be there this year.

God bless you, KOTO!

Thanks to all that make this happen! KOTO, Planet bluegrass, Artist, etc.

Thank you, Thank you!!!

I’ve been listening to every act all weekend, best thing to being there!
hope this is a new tradition for the world to share in.

I also wanted to thank Planet Bluegrass and KOTO for their incredibly generous stream all festival.

We listened to it Thurs and Fri all day at work, and at home all weekend.

It was incredible. Cannot thank you enough. Listening to some of the sets again today at work.

See you at Rockygrass.

Yes!! Thanks to Ben and all at KOTO which remains THE station…