Kind Country MN

:flower Our Heartland blue/jam/newgrass scene has taken a severe blow this week, as Max Graham of the KIND COUNTRY BAND,
has passed to the pick in the sky, at the tender age of 30. :frowning:
If there’s means to help his widow, and three kids left behind, it’s most certainly welcome.
Max was one of our new generation of band leaders, picking with everyone, and anyone, including me. I’ll miss Max.
Lots of info on the social media if you want to follow the highlight reals.
Let’s all keep on, and share the light… :angel

Very sad to see this news. Max Graham was a very talented young musician who I had the pleasure of seeing with his band Kind Country and the Fam Band. And the couple of times that I met him he seemed like a even nicer person. Condolences to his family, fans and band members.