Kid's Face Painting at Show Alert

On Thursday June 16th we had a bad experience at the Kid’s Tent. Two children were painted on their face including their eye lids with Metallic Oil Based Paint. They both developed a rash due to the paint. We spoke to the manager and was told someone had donated some paint and it did not appear to be body paint. I am sure most of the paint they were using was safe for face and body - but please be aware and make sure the person painting your child is using non-toxic paint. I feel very strongly that all paint in the children’s area should be non-toxic so that this does not occur again. The children are fine thank goodness but we did rush them home to shower and remove the paint immediately.

The EXACT same thing happened to my daughter. She had a severe allergic reaction. Her face blew up and she also developed a huge (and very painful) rash on her legs. I am so disappointed that this happened. It took alot of Benadryl to get her back to baseline. At that point, the day was ruined.