Keep it to one post

Just a friendly reminder to keep your ticket needs to one post. If your post has fallen to the nether lands of this board, instead of creating a new one, just comment in it to bump it up the front again. If everyone has multiple posts looking for the same ticket, it’s going to be even more difficult for everyone to find what they’re after.

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Mine has fallen to who knows where. I’d be happy to comment on mine again but don’t know how without searching for days.

On the bottom of your profile page, there is an option to view the last posts you’ve made. Click on that and you should be able to find your post.

and then when you have found what you are looking for or sold what what you had to sell, please delete your original post, that will remove that thread and help keep this topic tidy and prevent unnecessary emails and messages to you. T


Just a reminder…
Everyone needs to abide by even unwritten rules of the forum.
One post per request, PLEASE! And remove it when bought or sold.

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