just wondering

This will be the first time my wife and I will be coming to Rockygrass and we’ve got questions.
Does anyone know the approximate size of the crowd?
Is there a quiet section of Meadow Park?
I’m sure there will be more questions, but thanks to anyone who may have answers to these.

4,000 tickets I believe is the max, and it sold out last year.

Most of it, depends on your neighbors. I have never had a bad experience at Meadow Park, a few loud people but not all night.

close, Apollo.

3500 people.

I can’t really attest to the volume of Meadow Park as I rarely hang out there…maybe someone else who frequents the campground can add some more input.

If you really want quiet, your best bet is the Olson Campground. It’s much less populated, and is substantially quieter than the other campgrounds.


Well then this URL should be updated… can’t trust what you read on the web :wink:

Touché. :lol

There is a bit of difference between tickets sold and the total number including staff, etc…

Has John Hiatt ever been to RG or TBF? I would love to see him.

I saw John in Manchester UK last year, He was brilliant. :flower

My wife and I worked the wee hours at meadow last year (between 12:00am and 8:00am)
and there is a much larger window of quite than on site camping. Most everyone was starting to
wind down between 1 and 2 AM. There are also folks who live right next to meadow park who prefer the quiet, and there have been great strides made to organize those who prefer quiet to the North West side
of the park. Although we are on site this year, we prefer Meadow because of the quite. especially
during the day. We try to take some breaks from the music in exchange for silence for contrast.
(the lineup does make that a really difficult decision). I would imagine that this would prove true
even more for Olson, although I’ve never camped there. There is also some really good picking in
meadow park.