Just when you think it can't get no better, then it does.

The first night of Leftover Salmon on Maui was great, last night may have been the best show ever. And after seeing Lucas Nelson join them for “Down By the River” I know what I want to see at Telluride this year. Neil and the Nelson brothers! Make it happen, they got a new album in the works. Looking forward to night three at the Mill House.

I’ve often wondered why Lukas Nelson doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Probably b/c he’s still so young. Great singing voice(kind of a mix between his dad and John Bell), and can also play a decent lead too. Would love to see him at TBF, with Promise of a Real if nothing else. Good to see he’s playing with Leftover.


Perfect “Subject” line, Al…what a trip! (so jealous) The Mill House looks quite awesome, safe travels back to the tundra. :cheers

Since POTR is recording with Neil currently, certainly TBF would be a great place to premier some new tunes?

Sort of like a mini festival in January. If any salmon heads are interested I would highly recommend doing this trip next year. With four nights of great music and a very fun crowd in a place like this, way too much fun. I hope to do it again.

If u r still on the island THE place for snorkeling is Ahihi Cove. It can’t be properly described as to how good it is.

I posted some vids on my old utube site