Just saying Hello and general question


Hello. This is my first festival (music festival of any kind actually) and I can’t wait! I just wanted to say hi to you all and I hope we all have a magical couple of days.

Also, please tell me, what is that one thing I will be so glad to have? aloe? neosporin? a secret stash of chocolate?


Wow, very first. You will not be dissapointed my friend… Bring a few pair of shoes, great rain gear, a smile and sunscreen. just can’t choose one thing.

A bathing suit to winter jacket! Sunscreen to hand warmers!

Hot days and cold nights in Telluride! :flower

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Oh as youve identified yourself as a festi-virgin, a sense of humour :lol :lol

the secret stash of chocolate.

I cannot stress this enough, bring tie-dye. Very important

A Hat, sunglssses,sunscreen, something to fill with water, money, and a smile

And PJ’s for the pastry party, right :flower

Oh Dear… how could we have overlooked that little piece of information. :huh

Yes, all the N00BS should really not forget their Tye-Dye garb. You will be totally lost with out the swirl of color (colour, for the tourist ;)) and my, oh my, how would we find you in the crowd without your TYE-DYE???


Who are you people? Auntie Hope just fainted here in Nashville :eek

Thanks for the tips everyone! There are all great and very helpful. You all get one of these :medal

So the first-timers where tie dye eh?? hmmmm…maybe I don’t want to identify myself as a newby :secret

Hi and bring lots of sunscreen, a good water bottle, and warm bedding if you are camping

Everybody wears Tye-Dye at FESTIVVVAAALLL!!! :lol


If it is really good tie dye, no one can see what you spilled on yourself.
I’m wearing tie dye now, just to feel normal.

I got a pair of Tye-Dye sweat pants for Christmas, I can’t wait to put those on and dance to RRE and the other night time shows!!! :thumbsup

All of the above, and extra money for whatever you forgot! (The hardware store in town is great!) So are all the Festivarians who would help you out if you need something!

:wave Lots of good stuff here Mahdis. Love your name by the way and the spelling. Water bottle is very important and drinks LOTS of it. Sunscreen, hat with a wide brim, lightweight cotton or linen long-sleeved clothing if you are fair skinned and burn easily. There is a wonderful medical tent :lovedr with sunscreen and they have cots you can lie down on if you’re feeling puny. :sick
If you are camping and you join in the group activities, bring your own cups and dishes to those events.
Chocolate of any variety is always fun, bear in mind the elevation though. :abduct
Lots of quarters for the showers and a big towel if you are camping.
Most of all, bring your smile and an open mind and you will have the best time of your life. Please stop by Run-a-muck and say hi when you get here. :thumbsup

A SMILE… this is the ONE thing that you will want at ALL times!