Just got my Mary 4 day passes! - Do I need a Vehicle pass?

Just got my Mary 4 day passes!! - Do I need a parking pass? forgive me as a newbie!

all things camping Mary E, which is a nice place to camp

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Short answer is no, but if one comes up you might want to grab it. Otherwise drop your stuff at the camp entrance and then ask where to park your car until Monday. The shuttle to and from town works well.

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Thank you!! Appreciate it!

So do camping spots for campers pop up in this forum often? Don’t mind a Tent–but sure would love to bring my *home away from home mini camper. Do tix for camper spots pop back up on sale like today?

I would definitely keep checking for a vehicle/rv pass. They will pop up every now and then but come the end of May and early June is when tickets really start to exchange as life happens and plans have to change.

@55kittycats so how do people exchange tickets the end of May and early June since they are already mailed out and stuff?

In person. Either at the fest, or another location if they buyer and seller are close to each other.

Vehicle, RV, and individual camping passes (Lawson Hill) are not shipped out. Only event/festival wristbands are the RFID wristbands, and those are the only ones getting shipped out. All Vehicle, RV, and Lawson Hill camping passes are to be picked up at the Box Office by providing the barcode from your ticket.

These types aren’t shipped out, because if you lose them we can’t deactivate these like we can the RFID wristbands.

All ticket types scheduled for Will Call pick up or have a barcode (Vehicle, RV, Lawson Hill) are transferrable (one time only) through the original ticket purchaser’s See Tickets account. Transferring any of these ticket types is allowed any time leading up to the festival.

If anyone wishes to have their tickets become transferrable (which, remember is the Friends & Family transfer), please email help@seeticket.us to request that your tickets be scheduled for pick up at Will Call and not delivered to your house. This will change your entire order to be picked up at Will Call. No partial order altering.

The deadline for this change request is: April 28th. After this date, See Tickets will start to create shipping labels and the only other possible way to sell any extra wristbands beyond this is to either ship the wristband to the recipient or meet them at the festival to hand it off. Please keep in mind, if you’re buying a wristband from someone, we highly recommend requesting a photo of their ID or letting the original purchaser know that if there’s any issue with a wristband that’s under someone else’s name, that they’ll need the ID of the original purchaser for any troubleshooting.

Please reference our website for further transfer details:
Ticket Transfer Information

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