Just curious thought

I wonder why camping is still available when tickets have been sold out for so long. I know last year, camping sold out almost as fast as tickets… I don’t believe that the economy is that much better than last year and more people have rented condos… Just an observation.

I want to say I remember Lawson Hill and Ilium not selling out at all last year. If they did it was right before the festival.

Aaron is right. Camping did eventually sell out, but it wasn’t immediate.

Are you sure? I remember even high school camping was hard to come by last year and I remember Lawson’s being hard as well…

We were down in population out at Mary E. I am not for sure, but I don’t think it ever sold out. It does seem kind of odd that camping passes are still available though. It would be really sad to think, there might be that many 4-day passes out there being held by scalpers wanting to sell them at the last minute. :frowning:

While I think scalpers might be part of the equation, if I had to bet, my money would be on people hoarding 4-day passes at the get go … playing it safe for friends/family prospects which may or may not pan out. I bought an extra 4-day last year in hopes my brother would make it, but wound up unloading it (for face) on 5/24/12. I distinctly remember the bottom falling out of the market VERY shortly thereafter … by the first week of June, the tides had turned.

This year I did not buy any extras. Learned my lesson, but it being the 40th … my guess is that people probably hoarded again.

Time will tell if it plays out in similar fashion this year & perhaps the availability of camping at this juncture might be an indicator of such.

Maybe occupancy is up in the condos?

I have a feeling passes are going to start flooding out come june

Flooding is a strong word…

But I’m praying for rain.

I’m hoping for some drizzle

or a puddle :thumbsup

“or I may simply be a single drop of rain, but I will remain,
and I’ll be back again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again,
and again…”
part of Johnny Cash’s verse…

Drip Drip Drop little april showers…

I, too, would be exceptionally happy for a mild dampness… :wink:

well, as my kids grow up, they want a room/condo. Momma (me) still likes the camping.
We have a room with 2 Queen beds for $$$ and now my daughter might not be able to go to TBF
That changes everything. Can I sublet our room???