Joshua Tree Roots Music Festival, Oct 20 & 21

How many of you folks are thinking about coming out to the desert and checking us out??? Come join us for the 2nd Annual Joshua Tree Roots Music Festival!!!

Early Bird Tickets $65

Still drop in on the site or the space and say hi!!!

Count me in! I am really looking forward to this. Second anuual, huh? We just wrapped up our second annual Pickin’ in the Pines festival here in Flagstaff…by all accounts, a huge success:) I would love to talk to you or someone there - organizer to organizer, about all that you have learned - and all that we have learned in these two years. A few weeks ago, during some intense moments, I thought I liked attending festivals far better than organizing one…now, I think I like both equally - since things went so somoothly this weekend. See you in October!

In Peace,

I wish I could make it back out there, just had my first visit to Joshua Tree this week for my 40th Birthday and it was amazing. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch this festival sometime though as I am sure it will be wonderful.

Mark, let’s put J-Tree on the list for next year - along with hardly Strictly! We should all plan ahead to make sure we get our USDA recommended dose of festivation at least monthly. But heck, what are we gonna do in November?

Here’s the November assignment:

Moab Folks Festival

Hey, Michelle! I’ll be there… I am heading out Friday. Can’t wait!! :clap

Anyone else?? :huh