Join us and Bike to Rockygrass from The Front Range! (We will transport gear)

Hi everybody, following Planet Bluegrass’ sustainable festivation concept a group of Boulderites have formed a group called Bluegrass By Bike. Our goals are to reduce carbon emissions involved with travel to and from bluegrass festivals by enjoying the ride on a bike. We successfully biked to and from Telluride from Boulder on an epic 830 mile journey, it was a blast! Our current goal is to encourage festivarians from the front range (and beyond) to bike to RockyGrass. It’s pretty easy (12 miles from Boulder), and we will offer as much help as we can. First off we will offer gear transport from places like Denver, Boulder, and maybe Ft. Collins the week of the festival. We know how nice it is to have an elaborate campsite for the weekend and do not expect you to lug it all on your bike. Also we will throw a big party for all bikers at our campsite Thursday night including tasty New Belgium beer, food, and good people. So, leave the car behind and do the right thing. Keep an eye out for the next Planet Bluegrass email blast for even more information on this. Our email is and the website is . Let us know what you think and join in the fun! Peace.Love.Bikes.

If I left yesterday I probably could have made it…

I would LOVE to do this but am still trying to score a ticket. A friend told me she has been trying to get me in but haven’t heard so am trying to scrounge up just one ticket. If you hear anything pleez let me know. Thanks!
~always hear~

Hey, that is great that you would like to bike in with us. I will make sure this is true, but I believe I can get you a ticket. My brother may have one for sale, and if he dosent than I think another friend may. There would be a three day pass and medow park camping. The only restriction is that a biker uses it. Email and I will let you know if a ticket is available. Take care,

Great idea!!! I had already been thinking that I might bike down from Fort Collins. My wife will already be bringing our stuff so I don’t need anyone else to transport my stuff. Anyone from the Fort interested in biking down with me on late thursday afternoon? It’s about a 3 hour ride when taking it easy.


Hey, I am in for the bouilder ride for sure, it sounds like a great way to have fun and save a little gas. is there any more info about how and when this will happen?

Here are our bike plans for the group coming out of boulder. Also I will include what we just organized as far as gear transportation for bike commuters from denver and boulder. If you can, leave the car at a park and ride, give us your gear, and join us in biking to the festival.

Meet Up For Ride From Boulder

There are a few of us planning on riding in from Boulder, so I figuered I would share our riding plans and times etc. While the ride on 36 is pretty nice the whole way we will take a route a bit more scenic, but not much longer. From Boulder we could meet at Moe’s on Broadway between North and Alpine at 9 am for a little coffee and bagels. Then we would ride to Lee Hill Rd, up Old Stage Rd down Left Hand Canyon, back to HWY 36 towards Lyons. It is a nice route with a bit of a climb and a great downhill, riding in the hills insted of by the highway.

Gear Transport from Denver/Boulder
For those of you interested in biking with us to this year’s RockyGrass, we will be offering FULL gear transport to and from the festival so that you can all enjoy the comforts of your regular campsite setup. Because we are still a very small-scale grassroots operation, we can only handle gear pick-ups from the Denver-Boulder area. We will also run gear from Ft. Collins if at least 10 Festivarians respond and sign up.

Here’s how it will work – On Wednesday, July 25th we will have one vehicle set up at the Boulder Public Library Main Branch south parking lot* and another vehicle at the Denver Broadway RTD Park & Ride** from 5:00pm-7:30pm. If these times do not work for you, please contact us and we will work to accommodate your schedule. We will bring your gear up to Lyons early Thursday morning, and you can pick your gear up at anytime on the 26th.

We understand that the Meadow Park campground opens on Monday the 23rd, so any Meadow Park campers that need to have gear brought to Lyons before Thursday, email us and we will arrange a transport date earlier in the week.

Don’t forget – for all Festivarians that go green and bike with us to Lyons, we will be hosting a pre-festival shindig on Thursday evening at our Bluegrass By Bike campsite. We’ll be grilling out and revving up for the 35th Annual RockyGrass, so come on by and enjoy some delicious New Belgium beer and meet other Festivarian bikers. This will be a chance for all of us to come together and prepare for what is sure to be another great RockyGrass at Planet Bluegrass’s beautiful ranch.

  • Boulder Public Library
    Address: 1000 Canyon Blvd.
    Location: 11th and Arapaho
    Directions: Between 9th and Broadway on Arapaho. North of Arapaho and south of the Boulder Creek.

** Denver Broadway RTD Park & Ride
Address: 7077 Broadway, Denver
Location: W 70th and Broadway
Directions: From I-25 & 70th Continue West on 70th Ave. Right on Broadway going North on your left hand side.

What a great idea! I wonder how early I’d have to leave to make it there from Grand Junction via mountain bike trails. :lol :lol :lol :lol

Hey, even if you cant bike all the way from home you can meet up with us in boulder and have one less car in lyons! The ride from GJ would be epic though. Even if you can’t bike, thanks for the support.

Some oughta “applaud” these folks some more. Anyone who rode a bike from Boulder to Telluriude and back deserves at least a double-digit Festivation rating!

There you go! Double digits!!! Way to go! :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap

Little more festi-love for you guys. What you did was awesome. I actually saw your “set-up” in Town Park while you were sleeping. Looked like a bunch of space ships. Pretty cool. :flower

Hey thanks! Yeah, our set up at Telluride was pretty basic, but we have bigger and better plans for Rockygrass because it is so close to home. We wil be making trips all week for it, so look for the Bluegrass By Bike spot in Medow Park and come say hi. I think we will even have bike racks.

Hi again, just wanted to post the time we will be meeting up in Boulder to ride in on Thursday. For all of those who might ride that have not contacted us, give us your email address and we can send you bit of info on exactly what is going on with the ride and gear transport. From Boulder we were planning on Moe’s bagels on Broadway around 9am. It has been thrown out there to switch this to an earlier time of 7.30am to beat the heat and accomidate a few other people’s schedules. Let us know what your plans are. Thanks,
BBB :thumbsup

Hey Matt, we have got at least one email from a festival goer looking to Bike in from the Fort. Drop me your email and maybe we can get a bit of a Ft. Collins group togeater.

Hi all, I was wondering how this went, especially w/respect to camping. We have always camped on-site (behind the stage), and I was visualizing trying to keep up with the car parade as they went from the staging area to the site. If Meadows is the only option, then it sounds like you have to get up there Monday to get anything nice, and that defeats the whole purpose unless you have the time to stay all week.

Any chance the planetbluegrass folks could incentivize by carving out nice bike/camp spaces?