John R

Good Folks, its time to start thanking the Tapers that, as always, nailed it this year!!! I’m listening to 18 SOUTH & Mumford & Sons via :John R. Thanks Brother…Jen and I finally met you whilest you were in line on Wed. and had a great chat.Thanks for all you do & hats off to all the other archivists!!! Hope to see ya in Seaside on the 4th!!!

wow - 2 shows I would LOVE to get access to! Can you please post the address???


Go to the topic “Looking for Show Tapers”. :thumbsup Shows are listed in alphabetical order…18 SOUTH is right on top

Hi John!

Hey, John, can I get a copy? :thumbsup

of the whole festival? :evil :evil :evil


As usual, the tapers are AWESOME! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

My most favorite quote… :giggle

Thanks for the downloads, John R! Keep up the awesome work! :thumbsup

I can download them, but I can’t get them to burn onto a CD. And yes, I’ve tried over and over, different ways, different formats, different days, different angle of the head over the keyboard, and they say they are on a burn list, but then they won’t copy. waaaa maybe some day. I would like to get copies, since I missed most of the music even while it was happening.
Maybe it’s just my computer.

Thank you !!! Today I get my downloads here. Really thank you again!!!

Cindy Lou - send me a PM and I’ll email you my cell #. Then over the holiday weekend, perhaps I can talk you through it.

If worse comes to worse, I’ll burn you copies of what I have and mail them to you the old fashioned way.

have you decoded from .flac to .wav ?

That’s a bit of a personal question!

Not if you’re looking for the whole festival…

I am having a ton o’ fun with this!


Yes, did all that. Thanks Bevin for the kind offer. I will get ahold of you, but it may be after the 4th. I’ve done all the stuff like they say to on, and I can get it onto my computer, but no further. I’d just like to have copies on CD so I can take it in the car with me sometimes.