John Hartford- 2001 Rockygrass

I’m finally getting some of my old DATs uploaded. Stay tuned for more! Unfortunately Old and In The Grey 2001 falls under Peter Rowan’s restrictive trading policy, I’m thinking.

This was my first and last John Hartford show, and it was his first and last Rockygrass show. I’m so glad I got to see him at all. Truly a saint.

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John Hartford
Planet Bluegrass, Lyons, CO
Earthworks SR77- DMIC20- M1
dfob PAS
Recorded by Eric Wilkens

Chris Sharp- guitar
Larry Perkins- bass
Mike Compton- mandolin
Bob Carlin- banjo

  1. Fiddle Tune
  2. Steam Powered Aeroplane
  3. Love Gone Cold
  4. The Cacklin’ Hen
  5. Good Old Boys
  6. Reel D’Issoudun
  7. Watching The River Roll By
  8. Them Pretty Red Lips
  9. Vamp In The Middle
  10. Jock In the Bush*
  11. Banjo Tune

*with Texas Shorty