Jerry #%(&_(&(* Douglas!

I was there when JT forgot JerryDobro’s name in the intros and shouted the expletive after being reminded. Ha!

(this is not the photo cause I didn’t know nuthin about 'puters and digitalwhat? cameras way back then! Must been back in the time of brick size cell phones!

JT… James Taylor?

One and the same! heelarious!

Oh Dewey, Dewey, Dewey…

HEEN-larious :evil


Here’s a Jerry picture.

I do declare… that Jerry Douglas is playin’ ‘Lookout for Hope’ in that there picture. :lol

That is an exceptional CD too! :cheers

No argument here! :lol

I also enjoy ‘Place of Hope’ which has the early, early early version of New South Africa by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (prior to Jeff’s arrival in the band).

Dang Skippy! :thumbsup

Another “must have” of Jerry’s is his “Restless on the Farm” CD.
And speaking of Bela, my favorite is “Whitewater” from his “Drive” album. :cheers

Can I have TWO ‘Dang Skippies’, for T-Tom! :sunshine

Wait until you see the video I took from the Strawberry Music Festival of the “Bluegrass Sessions” from 1996.

Exceptional! :thumbsup

Do you have it on DVD yet?

Yes I do… three one hour disks… :flower

knees shake :abduct hands tremble


:tapers :tapers :tapers

It will be there… gotta go to bed… picking up Sarah tomorrow…