Jerry Douglas and Friends = Shawn Camp/ Flatt and Scruggs tribute?

Howy Festivarians

I saw this on Shawn Camps facebook page today. Would be real cool if it came to Rockygrass in July. might happen he liked my reply with RockyGrass! :thumbsup

Shawn Camp

I spent Sunday evening rehearsing with some amazing musicians.
Jerry Douglas, Charlie Cushman, Johnny Warren,
Barry Bales, and me…
(Tim O’Brien, at the next rehearsal)

We are playing all
Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys!

It’s the closest thing to standing in the middle of the Foggy Mt Boys as I’ve ever heard!

… I’m honored to stand in Lester’s
two toned shoes :slight_smile:

Y’all come out and see us, ya hear!!!

Shows in July to be Announced!

AKA the “Earls of Leicester”. enjoy!

Wow, you guys called it!!! I remember reading this to my wife months ago and we both flipped thinking about how awesome it would be (she’s more than a little sweet on Shawn Camp for one…). It came true.

Collection of some of the best of the best huh?!

This calls for a :cheers