Jello shot recipes

Once again, I am looking for jello shot recipes. Holden gave me some awesome recipes last year, but I’ve somehow misplaced both the digital and hard copy of said recipes.



ok Rhonny, here’s a few for you again.jello shot recipes
here’s another link that, as you will soon see, shows that you can vary the “proof” of the jello shots. more Jello Shots
I believe I saw something online awhile back that showed you could substitute an amazing amount of liquor for water and they would still hold up well. I couldn’t find the website so I guess a science project is in order? :8

the recipes are about the same as the ones I sent you a few years back. I hope you have better luck with your refridgeration? and maybe plastic “I know the word can be considered taboo” cups instead of paper? maybe we can recycle them into some sort of primative wind chimes, or skeeter chasers??? :drive :drunk

I’m part of a group that have had a golf outing in the fall in Northern Minnesota for the last 17 years. Jello shots have been on the menu for the last 15 years. Our “chef” usually prepares about 150 - 200 per year. He gets better each year. He’s even perfect his method. Early versions were in cups then he progressed to baggies. Now, he does full pans and scoops them into zip lock bags prior to the event. All you have to do is bite of the end and squeeze.

I asked if he had his recipes written down and here was his response:


It’s pretty much any of the flavored Vodka and a Fruit Jello
here’s a couple if I remember right

Cherry Vodka and Cherry Jello
Rasp Vodka & any of Banna, Rasp, Grape Jello

Malibu and any of Banna, Cherry, Rasp Jello…might add a little hi octane Vodka instead of all the malibu

I usually go 1 cup hot Water and then Just shy of a cup Ice Cold booze instead of the cold water

Almost forgot, One I’m gonna try next year… Half cup Baily’s, third cup Vodka, 1 cup hot milk, and use instant Pudding. a Shit shot, But I bet they will taste good (could also add a couple of candy corn)

…If I remember, my favorite was the Grape and Strawberry/Banana. He used 100 proof banana schnaaps and strawberry jello. Grape was just vodka and grape jello. The malibu rum was a big hit but not as potent. And… I’m not a big fan of Malibu.

If you want more specifics, I’ll bug him. Afterall, he’s gotta start thinking about next fall!!

Oh, and I’m voilating one of your rules …don’t drink and post!

Hey its Late night …what else are you gonna be doing ?

:cheers :festivarian

Uh oh, jello shots . . . keeep me farrrrrr away from those!

Thank folks! I’ll be playing around with recipes/concoctions over memorial day weekend during Desert Rocks… there’s all kinds of flavored vodka now too that could be interesting… Ruby, Pear, Blueberry, Grape… etc.

I actually used to be a “cereal chemist”, and ran a QC lab for food products… so the product development / testing should be quite a bit of fun. Maybe I’ll don a white lab coat and safety glasses before I start the testing phase…

only if you post pix?? what do Ruby’s taste like?

I can see the picture now…more like news at 11… :lol

SLC, UT’s version of Home Land Security blowing up the Jello shots three hours after you pulled out of the driveway for T’ride… all of your ‘Packin’ for Telluride’ being gone through one corner away from your home, and WAYYYY OFFFFF in the back of this ‘Breaking Story’ your pain in the butt neighbor identifying the lab coat for the FBI. :lol

:festival Rhonny…How about the apron that says ‘I’m the Cook’ :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

OK… I’ll post pictures! It’ll be a fun “photo-journalism” project as well as a food science experiment!

Ruby’s is actually Absolute Ruby Red… it’s yummy, if you like grapefruit. A Ruby Red press with lime is quite tasty!


Ok I get it now, I was thinking gems not citrus? I guess “grapefruit” doesn’t have the same sex appeal as “Ruby” when your selling vodka

I’d have to pass on that one if it actually contains any grapefruit.
My medication won’t allow it! :eek

Then I won’t give you one Tom! Never fear… we’ve got your back!


I doubt there’s any real anything in it except alchohol :huh :drunk :drive
but I’m sure Dr. Rhonny, will include a disclaimer :wink:

uhh… actually that’s “Professor Rhonny” to you, Rick ma’dear!

I humbly beg your forgivness? :flower



Recipes are always good to save for posterity… :thumbsup


Here is some good one’s, check this site out.