jamming at TBF / entering "foreign" campgrounds

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone for helpful responses to all the newbies like me. I’m an experienced festivalgoer, but this will be my first TBF. Looking forward to it!

I’m an avid bluegrass picker, and I like to wander around the festival to find jams to play in. I tend to go back and forth between stage and camping areas during the day, in case I’d rather pick than see the show. Is what I describe possible at TBF, without a pass to the stage-adjacent camping areas (Town Park, Warner)? I’ll be camped at Mary E. Can I go into Town Park or Warner Field to find a jam? If not, is there picking at the festival site, but outside the campgrounds, so that one can pick there even if staying at Mary E or Lawson?

Also, if anyone has other thoughts to share on jams at TBF, I’m all-ears.

There will be jams in Town Park, probably starting today! Illium and TP official open for Bluegrass next Saturday, from then until Thursday morning anyone can come into Town Park and participate in the Pre-fest activities and jams. There will be some jams in Illium, but nothing like TP.

OK, thanks for this info. Sounds like I will be jamming at Mary E after Thursday morning, then. Do I have that right? No jamming at the festival site unless you’re camped at TP?

This is correct. Tons of pre-fest fun to participate in before then, though.

OK, thanks for confirming.

There is an instrument check in the festival grounds, and occasionally around the ponds there might be folks jamming, and in town, around Elks Park there might be some pop up jams. You never know, you might end up jamming with Bela on a park bench in town. But, yeah. If your coming from Illium during festival days, you don’t want to haul instruments as you’ll be having to haul your chair, clothes, and all other things needed for a day of festivating!

Good to know that there’s an instrument check. That’s a HUGE help. Looking forward to some street-corner jams.