James Buchanan singing "Packing For Telluride" live in Town Park

Who wants a good cry today???

James Buchanan - Packing For Telluride



AWESOME! :thumbsup :medal


Wow! Run a Muck rocks in so many ways. Thank you Hooch, :medal


My pleasure. I forgot to mention that you taped it so have a better audio than what’s on the video. I wonder if I could dub your audio onto my video to make it MTV quality. hehe.

of course… I’ll be pulling out the audio next week.

What we need is another song titled - “unpacking for telluride” - i’m hearing a nice bouncy little thing that will help get this pile o stuff out of my truck this weekend… At least the compost buckets all got a good washing here in Flagstaff eeeeeewwwwww.


Holy S Brett
you killing me here ,
Thank you
:medal :medal :medal :medal

That is so cool! :medal :flower :medal :flower :thumbsup

That song does make me weepy. Hard to believe it’s just a memory already. I wish I would of met James…
next time. :cheers :medal