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page 5 makes me realize that sit ups might be in order over the next year


Is it just me or does the dude who wrote this have a few things a little messed up?

For instance- With Sam and Jeff both on mandolin they played a spectacular version of “Catch a Criminal” and then “Peace of Mind.”

Correct me if I’m wrong but I remember Sam playing fiddle on those tunes.

Also, he mentions Andy from RRE playing the flute at the Elk’s Park stage with Greensky. Again, correct me if my memory screws me, but I believe that Andy tried to hand Anders Beck a Clarinet, not a flute.

This is being really nit-pickyish but overall, it was an alright article. It definitely only furthers my Telluride withdrawels.

Nice article and photos, 3 photos of friends, jambase kicks ass.

Whatever, PJ… YOU LOOK FINE!!!

I, on the other hand, am extremely photographically challenged and page five proves it!!! ~ Sit ups can’t fix that, lol…

Having read this complete rubbish about Railroad Earth, its time to unload.

If you want real great original fiddle playing then Ric Sanders is your baseline. Fairport Convention were way way ahead of this posturing in the 1970’s.

Playing Jimmy Page riffs a la Railroad and looking earnest just doesnt compare.

Railroad Earth were the most overblown, pretentious, self indulgent pap I’ve ever seen. The made Yes in the mid 70’s look like the Ramones.

And while I’m on, Gaelic Storm are as Irish as Dick Van Dyck was English in Mary Poppins. The best live band in New Jersey ? - if they said that there they’d be in concrete overcoats.

This being my first experience with RRE (though not quite “getting” the obsession folks have with them based on their recordings), I went into the fest not expecting much. I will say that they were a TOTALLY different band at the Nightgrass set than they were headlining the main stage in Town Park. Nightgrass was one of the more energetic live performances I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen plenty), but Town Park was spaced out and put me to sleep.

Schaeffer also constantly has this look on his face like he has no idea what is going on, which I find to be hilarious. :wink:

But the Sheridan show is totally worth a listen before you count RRE out, particularly the second half of Set 2.

any links to that Nightgrass show so those of us that went to sleep can hear the ear candy you describe? I think Mark needs a second, more ear opening version of RRE.

As for Galic Storm, originally from Ireland, yes, traditional Irish, well… maybe not, but having said that, we sure did have on heck of a great time dancing to them up at Run-A-Muck that evening. Every band is not for everyone, but maybe that’s why the Planet shedule so much music.

Kudos to Planet Bluegrass for the lineup this year. All in all it was an amazing year for music at TBF 2009! :medal

Thanks Again Zack! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Indeed! I thought to include this link, but was simply lazy I guess and just didn’t. :slight_smile:

Here’s that RRE Sheridan show:

The mainstage RRE was one of the weaker sets I’ve ever seen from these guys. Based on their mainstage performance, I don’t think they’ll be back next year. Their nightgrass show was fantastic though. Especially the second set.

I’ve seen these guys over 30 times and I was disappointed with the song selection for their mainstage set. Throwing 3 of their slowest songs in a closing set on a friday is just not what people are lookin’ for. I still love these guys immensely, just wish they woulda shown all of Telluride what they’ve got to offer.

In the spirit of Otter from Animal House, “I’m not going to sit here and let you bad mouth one of the best bands in the United States of America! Gentlemen!” :lol

I’ve been a fan of RRE since they I saw them first play Telluride in 2001. I thought their 2009 main stage set was incredible! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever jumped so high in my life as I was bouncing like a little kid. :thumbsup

Again, music is like beauty. It’s interpreted individually. I loved it. So Captain, I humbly disagree with your opinion. :flower

That said, I highly doubt that their main stage performance would have any impact on their playing in 2010. Given my observations of how PBG books bands I doubt RRE before they even got on stage would have even been considered for next year because RRE is a big-time act and they would have to be slotted for either the 8 or 10pm slot. But guess what? I think the Planet saves those for the main stay acts we all know (Sam, House Band, Emmy Lou, etc) and for new big time acts (or ones who have played in the past but who are now big), e.g. David Byrne, Bonnie Raitt, Cake, Spearhead, etc.

My hope for one of these slots in 2010 is Old Crow Medicine Show (who played an afternoon slot back in 2005) - these guys are absolutely on fire.


Extra points for quoting Otter.

I do want it understood that I ALWAYS enjoy what Railroad plays and will continue to do so until I’m dead or deaf.

Yeah, Captain, I know you love those guys. :thumbsup I think my quote/response was a build up reaction to several earlier posters who basically said RRE was overrated, etc.

Peace, peace on earth, peace, peace on earth… :slight_smile:

I thought RRE’s first two songs of their mainstage set were quite amazing.

That said, they are a poor man’s substitute for Leftover Salmon in that time slot.

Friday night, time to boogie! Bring back Salmon.

ABSOLUTELY!!! More Salmon!-their set on Friday in 08 was one of the highlights of my festi.