It's not my birthday

:wave However it is my 1 year anniversary to this forum!!! This forum rocks!!! Thanks for keeping me company on this mountain all year. Love the folks here. Thanks :flower :love :fish

It is also not my birthday. Happy Anniversary!!

“Happy Happy UnBirthday…”

btw LandShark - how’s the prep going for your upcoming “gig”?

Corrina should be fun. What is your accompaniment?

That’s good that you’ve got that first note thing identified. Now you know what to do, and hey, if you’re gonna do it anyway, might as well be strong and full of emotion right.

I have been playing the open mic, even got a friend to come with me and accompany me for three songs. For me it’s a challenge to sing with a mic and the monitor, since when I’m playing around the house I’m never singing into a mic.

Let me know how it goes (or when the cd comes out! :slight_smile: )

Ive been told that you should rehearse with a mic and a PA as often as possible so as not to be surprised and / or disturbed by the amplified sound you will hear when you do your performance. Of course I hardly ever do that myself.

Good luck

I have played out publicly a couple times and it has always scared the crap out of me at first. But as soon as I start playing that first song, the fear goes away and it’s just fun. That little quaver that nervousness puts in your voice actually sounds cool if you work with it.

I equate it to scouting and rowing rapids. Whenever I am scouting a big rapid - Lava Falls in Grand Canyon for instance - standing there looking at it I can feel my stomach sink. I just want to throw up on my shoes. I’m wondering why the hell I think this is fun and why can’t I be normal and go to Club Med for vacation. Getting in the boat, pulling away from the shore I am just beating myself up for my suicidal obsession with rafting. I just want to die.

But the very second I drop into that maelstrom it is so COOOOOLLLLL! I have having the most exhilarating time of my life and every cell in my body is responding. It’s better than sex. And I’m talking really, really good sex. Not your run of the mill quickie, get it over with sex. I’m talking earth moving, sweaty, explosively good sex.

As soon as I get through the tail waves I wanna immediately do it again.

So ya know…what scares ya, might just be the thing to do.

:huh Rafting better than sex :huh Its close - I guess :flower

Seriously… Get out and play as much as you can in a public setting, trust the monitors. I have exerienced amazing artistry at open mics. I have also seen some pretty pathetic outings.

I guess what I’m sayin… Get out here and let your love light shine baby :thumbsup. That also applies to all of us. My best sound work is when I get out there on the edge and stretch my chops. The height may be great, the fall large, or the rise stellar.

I’m just a White Bird soaring …

Come sing with us in Town Park Pre fest Miki.


yeah, good advice for sure. someday when the never ending remodel is done i’ll fix up a little studio with mics. i realllllllly miss my old garage, that’s my son singing in my old garage in my picture.

i suddenly have a desire to go rafting…

:love Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! :love

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

:flower :pickin :woohoo :sunshine :budumdum :dancing :love :clap :rollin :rollin :horsey :dancing

All this and more on Valentine’s Day!

Jess, I have always said, if a person wants to experience the “here and now” they need to be in a rubber raft, in a BIG rapid, in the captain’s seat with a pair of oars in their hands. It just doesn’t get more “here and now” than that!
And as soon as it is over, you say “damn I wish we could go do that again!”

I wonder if the oar has a headcahe after hitting that big rock just before the end of lava.


My oars don’t. I don’t hit that rock. :thumbsup This chick can row. :evil

The thing that I have learned from rowing rivers is to let go of stuff. You can drop into a rapid doing everything right and still end up upside down faster than you can say your name. A wave suddenly decides to break upstream just as you crest it and it’s over no matter how straight you hit it. And you can drop into a rapid flailing, lose an oar at the top, hit everything sideways and come out golden. It doesn’t matter. What happened, happened and the next thing is already upon you and you have to focus on that. You cannot dwell on what just occurred. It’s already over and it’s time to set up for the next thing.

Moving water has no awareness of what rides upon the waves, or sinks below them. I row rivers because it turns my brain off. I don’t have time to over think things. My hands on the oars are transmitters and my arms and body react to the signals and move in a rhythm. I often don’t know what just happened and when watching videos of runs I’m constantly amazed. Who knew I could do that?

But the best part of river trips is in the morning when you take 4 or 5 lbs of bacon dump it in a DO and then stir and stir as it boils/fries in it’s own fat. The wafting smell of bacon across a sandy beach at sunrise is just about the coolest thing in the whole wide world…

Opps…cross posting here. This is not the bacon thread!

:thumbsup That’s EXACTLY what I mean. Here and now. Not last time, not next time, not the last boat that went through before you, or the next one after your run. It is here, and it is now. And it is FUN! scares the holy crap out of ya, but there’s nothing like it.

there is nothing but the present, and nothing like music or the river to remind you.

so this is an unbirthday party, on a river with women boat rowers?