It's a Small World

Picture this, full costume on my way to an awesome underground Mardi Gras ball, with a friend of friends. Wouldn’t you know I just happen to be riding with some festivarians!!! Once we started talking about Leftover Salmon (they almost went to the Boulder show that I was at (almost)), well the rest of the conversation opened up and included Rocky Grass, Telluride, and other fun festivarian fact and fiction.

Loving New Orleans and if you haven’t seen the line up yet for Jazz and Heritage Festival, check it out. New Orleans is totally ready for your visit.

The world is just full of friends that are strangers.

Great quote. :medal

I agree, that IS a great quote and Courtney, you look MARVELOUS!

I had an absolutely wonderful time and thanks for the comments. I was thinking others had similar festivarian meetings but hey, as long as we’re having a good time…