Itching to get going

I am currently sitting at my desk at work, exactly one week out from my buddy landing at DIA and us making the drive down and i am so beyond ready to get going. I wish we could pull off the whole week but we both just started new jobs and unfortunately we’ll miss most of the day thursday with the drive. This is our first TBF and we’re both stoked!! Hopefully well get to meet some of you guys down there!

I am leaving Monday PM after work but am itching to go too. I keep checking the forum just to see what other festivarians are up too…that is not helping. LOL

WELCOME! Your life is about to change for the better. See ya next week and then every year after! :wave

This was just posted in the 'definitions section: Forumination: The Process of accomplishing nothing at work due to distractions of the forum. :lol

I leave tomorrow! I may be at work physically, but my heart and mind are already in the valley.


The itch is real! Leaving Vail first thing Sunday morning… but on another note, look what was just delivered to the West Vail liquor store… :cheers