ISO: Telluride House Band 2009?

Does anyone know if the House Band set is still live for dowload from any web sources? doesn’t have it up, and CO Tapers has no seeders. A few other torrents exist around the search engines but none of them seem to be alive.

Much obliged for any help! I thought I had downloaded it and went to burn it for a friend only to find that apparently only about 2/3 of the files transferred. Bummer!

Thanks in advance!


Hey Zack, I have a copy of Bob Fager’s recordings – Source: Josephson c42mp (DIN, FOB, ~5’ ROC, ~9’ high) > Busman Tmod R-4 @24/48

If I remember correctly, Bob’s tapes were available via FTP over at Tapers dot org, and that’s where I picked up his FLACs. I just looked over there, and this show is not there.

However, I made a torrent for this show when I picked it up, and I seeded it at bt dot eTree dot org at the time. That was July 9, 2009. Here is the torrent info page at eTree. I’m seeding the fileset right now for you. This set smoked. Bob’s tapes are great.


Thanks Monte! I’m on it – I’ll leave my window open if anyone else wants to grab this gem too! I was lucky enough to be in the crowd and you’re not lying when you say the set smoked. To me, that’s an understatement. I’m excited to hear this one again!