[ISO] Sarah Jarosz 6-23-07

Anybody know if a copy of the TBF Sarah Jarosz set exists? I didn’t see it on tapers.org but I could have missed it. At the very least, does anyone have a recording of her performing “Shankhill Butchers” by the Decemberists? I think that might have been the finest performance of the weekend.


i’m not one of the tapers or anything, but i’ve been checking these boards often and sets are still being posted regularly on tapers.org – at this point, we’re still pretty close to when the show occurred and we’re lucky, i’d say, to have what we have so quickly. if it’s not there yet, i’d keep checking daily, as new stuff goes up all the time.

I got my hopes up there for a moment.

I’m keeping my eyes open.

I have a pretty good idea Sarah’s set got recorded and will show up in due time.

Thanks, I really appreciate it, as I’m sure others do too. No rush, I was more just curious to see if it was taped at all.

I am certain Sarah would like a copy as well…!

i’m sure she would…

Hey there - realize everyone is getting ready for Rockygrass.

Just wondering if Sarah’s set from Telluride has been posted anywhere?



I know someone gave her a copy at the end off her set.

I’d like one too.

Just wanted to check again and see if anyone happened to get her set…

Anybody have any luck finding a copy? I still think it was the best set of the weekend, but it would be great to be able to double check.

many applauds to you for giving Sarah such high marks!!

Anyone Ask Sarah? She might have one…

She is the one to look out for our future!

Sarah is one huge accousticasskicker!

Bring her on again and again!

OK, please!

It’s up on Tapers.org.