ISO great place to breakfast

My girl celebrates a birthday on the Saturday of the festival and we want to make reservations for breakfast. Can anyone recommend a good place to have breakfast in town?



Baked in Telluride… no reservations needed!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

My wife will be celebrating a birthday on the 20th as well.

For breakfast, you couldn’t go wrong with a nice big helping of Cornmeal at about 1 a.m. @ Fly Me To The Moon.

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I’m looking for a sit down meal to celebrate her special day. BIT just won’t cut it that day.

Sofio’s makes a wonderful breakfast, and it’s not far from the festival.
I don’t know if you really need reservations though. :flower

Thanks Tom but my google search for that place comes up empty. I think it may have closed.

Someone else also mentioned Maggie’s

It was a test… You’re a keeper! :medal

You might want to check out all of the Telluride Restaurants

Sofio’s is listed under Mexican at this link :flower