ISO Foot slave

All Packed up but missing the foot slave

Help find us a few TP tix and we will find you a foot slave

I am still on it looking for all those who have been looking for me.
Still searching through the CL listings as well. Any leads will come your way.

:horsey :horsey :horsey :horsey :horsey

The ever elusive TP Foot Slave hunt commences when Hooch gets his googles cleaned off after the initial
CRUNCHY FROG dispersement. While they are often seen prancing into the dark single tracks of the “Primitive Area”, we’re still waiting for him to bag one! (the tye-died burlap sack of course)

Shall I add Nite vision googles and crunchy frog gig to the list? I already have a td sack. :thumbsup
Ill Keep my eyes peeled :dance

HA! Crunchy frog giggin in the moonlight with night vision googles! Sounds like a perfect after-nightgrass event! :8

:wave A truly good foot slave is best lured into your camp, sometimes clubbing them over the head and throwing them in a burlap sack makes them surly.

Leave the Crunchy Frog to Hooch. As It’s Rick says: “it’s classified as a hazardous material in several states” We are looking out for your best interests and safe festivation.


AYE AYE Hippie.

I am sorry I didnt believe you at first so I did my homework and sure enough I found the listing in my :wink: Junior Woodchucks Scout Handbook. :thumbsup

The Crunchy Frog is classified as a prohibited aquatic animal species (WAC 220-12-090). Hazmat license and proper training is required to hunt them, there are no bag limits, and the season is open year round.

It is unlawful to import into the state, hold, possess, offer for sale, sell, or release without the proper license to do so (WAC 232-12-064).

I broke out the hazmat parka for nothin…

I hear they taste like bacon. Is that true?

Well, they don’t taste like chicken! :lol :lol :lol

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Back to topic

So I learned the ultimate lesson last year.
TX humidity for 2 months then 9 days in new chac’s in CO’s crisp air Festival dust mud beer hmm and some funk that still wont come off … well just dried my pups right up to a blistrously cracked up mess that reburst with every step…I had indeed contracted one of the 2ND worse cases of ??? you guessed it right! festi-feet… so I found myself doing the crawl but not from the good drink… and there on my hands and knees I vowed to search out the answer… After consulting much wise counsel… hhhmmm (opinions may vary on the counsel ha)
The anwser is given … One must find foot slave.
So my quest continues.

Its blu goo till then :woohoo

Living in Tucson, I suffer from festi-feet quite often… What Blue goo?

Emu Oil, Lecithin, Glycerin, Soja (Soybean) Oil, Lanolin, Beeswax (Cera Alba), Papain (Papaya Enzyme), BHA, BHT.
but it works till the slave is found
Its not even really blue but it works pretty good so far… atleast till Ive found the slave.

You are most definitely underestimating the power of the Frog. You will need your parka and safety goggles as well. Hopefully, Hooch will be setting up an emergency shower for the sake of safety.

A surly foot slave is not an effective foot slave. But the Crunchy Frog will remedy that quickly. It will serve to lure, in addition to soften the blow to the head.