ISO- Advanced Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Vocals, Songwriting or Guest Pass

My husband, Justin is in search of an Academy Spot or Guest Pass. Thank you in advance.

Hi! I have an Academy Spot for vocals that I am not able to use anymore!! Would love to pass it off. Shoot me an email me at
Also, just saw that the deadline to transfer tickets is June 14 so let me know soon if he’s still interested!!

Hello! I sent you a message via your gmail. Is your Vocals Academy spot still available?! I noticed that you are new to the forum. Have you sold tickets before?! Have you attended RGA in the past?

Hi, just emailed you back. Found a buyer and sealed the deal right before your post. This was gonna be my first time but I got injured and am not able to make it :frowning: Hope you find what you’re looking for

Hello again.
You can reach me at 240-401-0290

Due to a medical condition, I should not attend this year. I have a Advanced Bass class Acadamy only ticket.