Isn't it a wonderful day?

I mean, wow. :flower

Yeah really…

As 5 year old Sam said when he was elected “Mama, this is how we change the world!”

It’s nice to have some faith again.

You know it is a day full of hope. But that does not mean suddenly things will be easy. The hope lies in all the words he said today. Step up. Take responsibility. Serve.

I run a rape crisis center that has funding through June of this year. At that point we end. I’ll figure out some other way to make a living, but the people and the counties we serve will be left with nothing. That’s real.

There are going to be many programs like mine that will go away this next year. The funding died last year and the budgets are just catching up. States are facing enormous deficits and the hard choices are being made.

We cannot live in a leveraged world forever and not expect to someday have to pony up to the bar and settle the tab.

We must each ask ourselves right now…how do I intend to answer my President’s call and serve? We have real work ahead of us. Hard work. We can sing while we do it - we like to sing - but work we must.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow we shoulder the wheel. Where do you intend to serve?

WoW Seize the Cocktail, indeed. Where are the rest of us going to contribute?

I work at a non profit as well, our funding is dependent on the generosity of others.

How will you contribute? Thank you Jess, for the reality check


I pledge to work toward fixing the health care system so that all Americans can have health care. Don’t know exactly how I’m going to contribute, but I’m starting with intention and faith that opportunities will come my way. :thumbsup