Is this where Texans should be talking to each other about Telluride?

:flower Are there any other Texans who are planning to come to TBGF 2007 besides Jaci and Giles from Lubbock? We’ve been driving up and back for the past nine consecutive years and would be happy to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone else.

Jaci, I think this is intended for talk about what is happening locally but I agree… the “hearland” is pretty big… so… I suggest if we want to talk about local goings on, that we make the subject line failry descriptive!


This was a gray area when I was putting together the regional boards. I didn’t want to get too specific with states/ regions…so I wouldn’t have too many boards (LuAnna, I’m sure you can appreciate this :flower)…

I can definately add Texas to the description of this board, so that the texans will come here. If there is enough demand in the futrure, we’ll add a “Republic of Texas” board. :wink:



My wife and I will be driving to telluride from the dallas area. Were planning on taking a week to get up there, spending a week there and a week heatding back. Were looking for some good hikink/backpacking along the way. Hopefully ya’ll could point us in the right direction.
Take care
bobby and brandy

THIS is now where Texans talk. :wink:


Well I’m planning to attend TBF 2008. Anyone else? I’ll be flying from Houston. this will be our first year of attendance, so we decided to fly. It cut two days off of the travel time, but I have a feeling we may drive next year.

Look forward to seeing everyone and I’m so excited I can hardly describe it!

I moved to Denver from “Wide Awake Wylie” in 2000. I will allways considermyself a Texan. Welcome to Telluride Bluegrass. For me the fest starts anew the day I go home, and start planning the next years on the drive back to Denver. You will Love this and come back year after year. The more you come the better it gets, because you get all the creature comforts down…chairs that you love, camp gear thats perfect, and the music in the canyon is indescribable…Welcome to TBF=)

Giles and I moved from Lubbock to Fort Worth last year, so we’ll be driving up to Telluride from a little farther away this year. But we still plan to leave Ft. Worth on Tuesday morning, the 17th, stopping to sleep overnight about midway there…probably in Amarillo, Santa Rosa, or Santa Fe. We’ll arrive in Telluride on Wednesday, the 18th, at about 5pm. We’ll check in to our hotel; go trade in our tickets for wristbands; meet old friends who will already be in line for the Thursday morning tarp run; and then, go visit our old friends in Town Park. My cellphone number is still a Lubbock one. It’s Cingular wireless 806-239-6535. All Texans (and all old friends) should feel free to call me so we can meet each other.

How bout this year?
Yes I know it’s an ancient post but… who know.


I moved back to the Great State of Texas from Colorado a couple of years ago. This will be my first time back to Telluride since 2014 and I’m SO excited. Woo hooooooo!!! Is it June yet???

Howdy neighbor :cheers
Good to know theres one more Texan who’s witnessed the beauty in a place and experiance such as this . :horsey
2014!? Well youll have some catching up to do…
Fortunately it shouldnt take but a few mornings in tp :coffee :drunk You’ll acclimate to the good ol 8750’ then it’ll feel like you were here last year.
It’s almost June :welcome back