Is there anything we can do to stop the marshmallow thing?

I know, color me a curmudgeon, but seriously, it’s the worst ‘tradition’ to ever gain traction at the festival. I’ve seen people get a serious bruise, not to mention the potential for an eye injury. And throwing 'em at the band on stage? Unforgivable.

Dustin? Any thoughts??

Thanks; really looking forward to next week!


Ur crazy

I’m with John. On top of the potential for injury, why toss sticky around?

The only thing we should be throwing at the stage is love and appreciation.
Shower the performers with applause, not obstacles.
Maybe a flower or two is acceptable as well. :flower

Supporting Kraft Foods by being wasteful and annoying is not my thing, either.

:wave Are you kidding? YES THERE IS SOMETHING WE ALL CAN DO!!!

Just remove yourself, do not respond, do not join in and teach the young with love not to throw things at beautiful instruments and folks on stage. Respect the land . A fine for each marshmallow throw, Beers for the 10 around you. Now its up to us to police each other :cheers

Well said Tom. Well said. Tom Jones did appreciate underwear however :lol Just sayin :wink:


riduculous ! Marshmallows and instruments dont like each other…

Good to know that a lot of you agree. I guess we should all just try to self-police the situation, but it’s sure tough…

Thanks all!

See next week; yeeeeeehaaawwwww!

I agree that the marsh mellow deal is serious silly. I just cant find any valuable
tradition here :huh
On the other side, I am a firm believer in that “I can only control what I can control”
So Jiclark your idea of “self policing” this situation with "VERY MERRY’ Yonder fans at
that point will only cause IMO you more frustration. This is purley an issue that
Planet Bluegrass has to grab a hold of and be handled by them. Dont put yourself
in a situation that some marsh mellow throwing ding dong could cause confrontation
to your wonderful experience. My 2 cents for what it’s worth.


The old saying goes “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change and the courage to change the things I can’t accept” or something like that. This is one of those things you can’t change. Especially since Yonder encourages it by participating. I have no issues with the marshmallow throwing, which is good, because it’s not going away.

Might be a bit drastic and also risks of backfiring, but if enough people who were against it brought a ton of marshmallows it might push things over the top just enough to make a rule.

Then again, “serenity now” never hurts.

If Yonder wants it at their show, fine, but I’m worried about other bands. In particular, I think the Steep Canyon Rangers are playing right before Yonder this year. Those guys are super cool and nice, but if I were, say, Mike Guggino, and people were throwing sticky crap at my (actually Steve Martin’s) quarter-million dollar Loar mandolin, I wouldn’t like it. Save it for Yonder, folks.

Maybe if we throw hot cocoa back at the marshmallow chuckers?

Yeah, I get it. By self-policing, I mainly mean that I grab-n-stash every mallow I can get my hands on. I suppose I do secretly wish it got so out of hand that the Planet folks had to step in, but in the meantime, I promise to practice serenity.

Yeah the marshmallow thing is irritating, distracting and kind of childish but what can you really do? I’m not big on the beachball thing after seeing someones glasses getting broke after a drunk frat boy type spiked a ball toward the older couple.

I’m sure I did some stupid stuff when I was a youngster but I’ve always been respectful of my surroundings, at least what I can remember. :wink: See y’all in a few days!

:lol :lol

Maybe there’s a tshirt design in this somewhere:

… then have something on the back some sort of statement to drive home the point.

I agree with Hot Sugar on this one! Really folks, can we please keep perspective that this is a music festival where a little harmless fun and shenanigins should be encouraged? I don’t mean to ruffle feathers but, I mean, dancing and standing have already been sectioned off. If you don’t want to participate, then don’t. Think about this, your asking for the policing of marshmallows!!! :thumbsup :flower