Is there a FREE BOX fashion show at Rockygrass?

I have been having a debate with a friend who insistes that there is a FREE BOX fashion show like Telluride has at Rockygrass. Can someone tell me if this is true, I’ve been going to RG for more than a decade and have never herd of this. My friend insites that a lady in the bathroom was talking about it and I told her they were likely talking about Telluride.

I vote with you, Red, although I’ve only been going to RG for 5 years. Still, if there was a Free Box Fashion Show at RG, don’t you think we’d have heard about it right here on the Forum? I don’t think Lyons even has a free box. :huh

I’ve been on-site for 11 out of 12 years and have never seen such a thing. Bevin, I know you like Meadow Park, anything over there? and I can’t imagine that Olsen’s has a group cohesive enought to come up with this.

I still think my friend over herd someone talking about Town Park.

Please set me straight if I’m wrong.

I completely agree… whoever it was talking about Telluride whether they knew it or not.