Is songschool place for music educators? or more for performer/composers?

Aloha, I live in Maui and this would be my first time to song school.
I am interested in group songwriting and offering these skills for music education for kids more than my own personal expression. I volunteer assisted here in Hawaii with Paul Reisler for one school, and I use his method as the basis for the children songs that I facilitate when I have the opportunity to teach. I am in process of developing an 8 week music program for kids in public schools, and looking for other methods to write group songs, particularly ones that include more participation, as well as skills for creative behaviour management. I want to study with other music educators for group children songs that will give me applicable skills.
My question for feedback please?! Is this songschool the right place for me?!! :slight_smile: It’s a big investment for me to travel, and I would combine with some vacation. I’m just not really driven by my own personal expression, so am considering selling the ticket. Some thoughts to share by those who are experienced with Planet Song School would be very appreciated! Thank you, Mahalo, Sending aloha from balmy Maui, Amy

Kind of disappointed that after 74 views as of Sunday, there isn’t even ONE reply! Amazing! I guess its too big a question…

i think there are no replies because no one here speaks Hawaiian! :lol

just kiddin - it’s really not that amazing. these forums, especially the song school forum, simply do not get a ton of traffic.

I am no expert (this will be my 2nd song school), but in my opinion the answer to your question is - Song school is more for performers/composers than teachers. The Paul Reisler course was the only course I took than had any sort of guidence with teaching students.

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I’ve been to several Song Schools. The purpose is definitely to help songwriters with their art/craft. There have not been any “teach the teacher” workshops as far as I know; although, who knows, maybe there will be this year, you may want to check. That said, by participating in the workshops and seeing how the other instructors teach their (adult) classes or workshops, you might be able to pick up some useful tips.

And even if you don’t learn anything useful for your profession, you’ll be camping out in a beautiful environment with songwriters from all over the US, playing and listening to songs, relaxing, having a few drinks, and making new friends. Not a bad way to spend your time. :slight_smile:

You may want to talk to Paul Reisler since you know him and ask his advice. You can also call up Planet Bluegrass and talk to them.

If you decide you want to give up your ticket, there are no doubt people waiting in line to buy it, so you’ll be making somebody else very happy. Note that you’ll need to sell your ticket back to Planet Bluegrass as opposed to an individual, see the rules posted here on the forum.

Hope that helps.

:wave Aloha, MauiAmy!

There are several teachers amongst our Song School family, so you will be in good company if you join us. Although, there are no workshops for music educators, several of the instructors employ really terrific teaching pedagogy that I often employ in my own classroom (high school English). Dr. Ysaye Barnwell usually gives a whole series of classes on the development of African-American music from work songs to gospel, etc. Really fun. Steve Seskin, Pat Pattison, and Paul Reisler can’t be beat in terms of the nuts and bolts of songwriting. You can totally use these techniques in your classroom. And, if you have never written a song yourself, this is the place to do it. You’ll find a supportive community in which to expand your artistry.