Is Ophir Pass Passable

Telluride locals/4WD experts: I own a Volkswagen Passat Wagon (2WD) and need to know if I can come into Telluride using Ophir Pass this time of year. I’ve heard the views are amazing and really want to drive on this road, but I don’t want to kill myself (or my car) doing it. Is it possible. I drove on Kebler Pass last year in the same car without any trouble.

Well, if the weather doesn’t get bad (i.e. … snow) … you should be fine traversing Ophir Pass in your vehicle. Ophir Pass is considered to be one of the easiest passes to drive, and is rated for ‘high-clearance 2WD’ or 4x4’s. SO … watch the weather … but , you should be ok.



I would like to know this as well. I have a Focus and I think I should be able to drive it but I would like to know if it’s a bad idea.

Personally I wouldn’t take a Focus on Ophir Pass…Just IMHO. :cheers

… I have to agree with Phusion … a Focus doesn’t have much ground clearance.

More than a Passat. Over 6"

While Ophir is a relatively easy trail to do, early June does sometimes present problems. You will encounter snow at the top of the trail. On the actual Ophir side, when in the Aspen groves, you can sometimes encounter deep, muddy grooves.

If you have to take it, go slow and be careful. Weather can change the condition near the top daily.

If you’re coming up 550, you could just take that to Ridgway then cut over. Its not as direct, but could still save you time if you get into a “situation” on Ophir.

just my .02

I’ve driven Ophir Pass many times and I would NOT recommend you do it in a “car”. There are lots of loose rocks on the Ophir side of the pass that get shifted around and a low clearance vehicle may run into some big problems.