Is it possible to bike from Mary E to festival?

We are thinking of bringing our e-bikes – is it possible to bike from Mary E to the festival without biking on the main highway?


Yes, but it is a single track MTN bike/hike trail from Illium to Lawson, then paved path into town. First mile of trail from Illium is intermediate MTN bike skill, otherwise its mostly beginner level. Requires about 1.5 hours pausing for photo’s and views. You’ll pass right by the Telluride Brewing Co. and I’d suggest stopping by for a pint!

Is it possible to do the ride on a road bike (not on the highway), or is mountain biking the only option? Thanks to all for providing info.

Experienced two lane MTN highway road bike riders will be fine on the road, about 7-8 miles, with a climb going both directions. You would not be able to take a road bike on the trail, I guess you could hike it through the first half, then bike the paved part.

Also wouldn’t do either rides at night without good lights front and back!
And helmets should be a no brainer!

I’m a very experienced road cyclist with ample lights and helmet (duh!). Sounds like it might be doable. Thanks, ToddG!