ipod How the heck does one type titles of music into it?


Hey all, Merry HO HO and HAPPY New Year!
So-- Dave, the honey man, gave me an Ipod. Yay. I figured out how to record CD’s and Photos into it. YAY! But I cannot type titles and tract names into it. I see alot of Ipods at festival and thought maybe some of our techie Ipod users could help? Is there a users guide with operating instructions anywhere?
:slight_smile: :headphones Thank you.

It all starts when you load your music data into Itunes, it can search the internet for the titles and artists of the songs. You must have your computer hooked up to the net for this.

Otherwise you must manually enter the title and artist of each track into Itunes before synching with you ipod. This is kind of pain for those of us with many live shows in the library. Many time you will simply see Track 1 - Untitled in the Ipod display. I once had a cd burner that automatcally eneterd a number into the cd when importing, it was the same one that identified an obscure performer from someplace like Madagascar. Imagin the surpise on someoenes face when they check the ipod display to find out who is doing that ripping howlin at the moon only to find out that it is Mambekiza Gobilbus from Madagascar ::wink:

I hope you’re enjoying all of that snow sweetheart! Give your honey bear a big ole Hippie hug from me. See you, not soon enough, in June. I might even bring a friend this year, you’ll like her…


I have 802 CD’s on my I-Pod and only about a dozen are live shows. I probably have a couple hundred easily of those here in the house. My next project is to get those not just onto to the I-pod but on the external hard drive I bought for storing music. Typing in the names of tracks is going to be the biggest pain in the butt and the reason I don’t have those shows on there yet. But once the chore is done then it will be easy to keep up as new music comes in, but most importantly, I will have digital back-up for all those precious live shows that mean so much…

But yeah, it’s a chore. I strongly suggest an external hard drive for storage and back-up. They are very reasonable these days. Instead of loading I-Tunes on the laptop I just loaded it on the external drive. Pretty handy all in all.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Thank You all of my great festival family!!! Wouldn’t it be too much to have festivarian Xmas/Solstice festival somewhere. How gypsy is that?

Thank you for the discussion of non internet ID’d music. For me, those tunes yet unlabeled are those that yet are yet to be absorbed into the “itunes machine” -organic tunes-the best kind. Maybe its good not to title and catagorize somethings. Keep those little gems pure. Surprise your self when you rumage thru those untitled enties. I think to myself “I liked enough to record them, wonder why, let’s take a listen…”"

oooooo you are rocking my organizational paradigm. I like it. Could I really be so brave???


Dave is quite skilled at many things…I dunno how he does it, he just does it.

But, I kinda would like to figure some of this out without adding to his burden. Everyone is calling on him for all their post holiday tech needs. Some requests seem more urgent than their children’s needs :rolleyes :horsey.

Actually, there is a pathway to personalizing and titling untitled CD’s. And I discovered how to beef up the sound quality of live recordings. But that was brain hurting stuff, so I had to medicate, with ibupropen :wink: And so there it is. All these gadgets are very cool, and fun -when there is time to focus and develop that steep learning curve.