Intense Folk Music at the Rialto Theater in Loveland

I know this is Planet Bluegrass, but for those of you in Northern Colorado who have attended or plan to attend Folks Fest, there’s a great Folk singer named Matt Campbell coming to the Rialto Theater in Loveland next Thursday, February 19th. If you’ve never been to the Rialto, it’s a beautifully restored theater and a great place to see a show! I’ve seen Leo Kottke there as well as others. It was once a movie theater, and it’s where I saw my first film - Star Wars - in 1977. Here’s the link, though their online ticketing is hit or miss:

I was able to get tickets online, but calling them might be your best bet. If you’d like to check out Matt Campbell and His Bottom Line Band, will get you to their MySpace page. You won’t be disappointed if you go to this show!


                Thanks for this update. I will bring my friends to join in that event.

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