Instrument drop-off inside festival grounds?

Will there be an instrument drop-off inside the grounds this year. I recall way back when it was located next to lost and found.

Yep. At the Warming Hut.

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Right on, Triple B.

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What is an “instrument drop-off?”
Thx from a newbie.

I may have used the incorrect terminology but I’m asking if there’s a place inside the festival grounds where you can check/store your instrument (like a coat check) for a period of time.

Barbara, what part of SF do you live? Any chance you go to the Lucky Horseshoe in Bernal?

Thanks Billie. I wondered if the festival was collecting donations of instruments for school kids.
I’m north of the city in Fairfax. I lived in SF for ten years, but wanted more nature. I don’t know the Lucky Horseshoe.
Happy Festival!