instrument contests?


Does anyone know specific guidelines for the instrument contests? Do selections have to be traditional bluegrass pieces or can they be old time or celtic, have some funk, etc… Is there a tune of choice option or hoedown, waltz, tune of choice criteria. Didn’t want to make material selection that will disqualify right to start with.

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As far as I know there are no restrictions, a friend of ours did some original songs last year and took 2nd place in Dobro.

Thank you Red Knuckles - perhaps anyone may offer their knowledge of the contest?



I believe there are guidelines to the contests on the planet bluegrass website. Generally speaking, they would like the tunes to be in the bluegrass/old time vein. I have seen both original and non bluegrass tunes in the contests and I have also seen that affect their score negatively as well.
There’s my 4 cents…

Thanks a bunch for that info!

Instrument contest details on


Thank you kindly!