Instrument Check at Rockygrass? Tips for instrument care at venue?

Hi, all! First-time Rockygrasser here. I can’t wait to join y’all tomorrow and Sunday!

I’ve looked all around the forum, and it sounds like they had an instrument check at Telluride, but I can’t find anything on Rockygrass. I’m not camping (just found out I can go, so I got a hotel a couple of towns away), so I can’t leave my instruments in a tent. It probably wouldn’t be smart to leave them in the car, either, because of the heat.

What do you guys do with your instruments while you’re at the concert venue? I’ll have a mandolin and an octave mandolin about the size of a guitar. If I have to choose between them, the mando is more portable, but the octave is my new baby, so I’d like to bring it. It would be great to have one or the other handy if any jamming opportunities pop up after hours or at the fringe of the festival crowd.

Do you guys feel safe leaving the instruments at your chair while you buy beer/go to the bathroom, etc? I figure I can make some nice friends near me who will watch my stuff, and I can watch theirs. Is this fest friendly like that?

Thanks, everybody!