Info on the camping lineup at LJ appreciated!

We’ve done rockygrass but never folksfest. Is the craziness for getting into LJ basically the same? Advice on when to “line up” if we have 2 vehicle passes and a tent (spread amongst 3 families hoping to set up together)?
Thanks for any advice!

I think you can check in early to Laverne camping, it is definitely on the Bluegrass website information. There is no lineup. This is Only for on-site camping.


Thanks, we know the basic info (when line up can start, when folks can race in, all the stuff available on the site). Was more looking for information into how the reality of it is? With rockygrass you definitely have to get in “line” hours early to have a group together. Was wondering if it’s the same at folksfest or a bit more mellow? Should be in line by x time recs? Be prepared to race? We’re clueless for folks!

Folks not as popular, but I have never camped at Laverne so for that I am uninformed. Good luck! And have a great time!

I camped at LJ last year for Folks festival and I’m doing it again this year. If you want your vehicles to be in one of the sites around the grass loop or close to the bathrooms and showers then you should line up a couple hours in advance of the opening. Or if you want your tents to be in the shade near the river, you also want to be there early.

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