Info on RV Camping in Telluride

Greetings!! :wave

So, we were just offered the free use of a sweet RV for the annual trip from Georgia to Telluride this year. I’ve camped and I’ve stayed in houses before, but I don’t know much about the options for an RV. The RV offer came in too late for us to get a Lawson Hill pass although I do have a post on the ticket exchange in case we get lucky ;). I hate to give up on such a generous and enticing offer of the RV, but if I can’t figure out where to park it, I’m in trouble. I guess I have a few questions if anyone out there is kind enough to help me out…

  1. Is there really any chance that I’ll scratch up an RV pass off the exchange or should I get a jump on Plan B?

  2. Are there any other campsites or places to park an RV in town or nearby? We hope to get to town several days early if that makes a difference. We wouldn’t likely have a “commuter” vehicle, just the RV and some bicycles.

  3. When is the hot time of the season for trading passes and camping permits? Should I wait until closer to the May ticket return deadline or is now as good a time as any?

Any other thoughts/advice are welcome :thumbsup

Look forward to seeing everyone out in the Colorado sunshine!! :cheers