Independence Day

Happy Fourth everyone!

Hope you have (had) a safe and sane 4th of July!

had to work tonight but saw one heck
of a good firework show here in Abq
then got to sit in the damn traffic for a half hr
:rolleyes :cheers

We had excellent fireworks through the fog over tomales bay… Fresh halibut and ysters n the bbq. A pretty nice evening with NO traffic jams :wink:

I missing my festivarian family though :flower :flower :flower


I spent the 4th camped in the mountains near Telluride. No fireworks…except for my campfire.

:wave Spent mine on the couch watching a movie with a cocktail and a big bowl of popcorn!

i was on a boat all day at the ridgeway resivoir . . . BEAUTIFUL! reminded me of home, actually! who knew I’d have a lake so close by!

Fireworks over the Cumberland River in Downtown Nashville, the reflection off the buildings Downtown and LP Field. Double and tripple “BANGS” from where we stoof two bridges north of the lauch barge.

Wonderful, just wonderful! :sunshine (<-- o.k., just pretend that’s a firework.)

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

The Tiki Bar was erected for the 4th. The entire Flagstaff Tiki tribe was out at Mormon Lake Lodge for fireworks, the rodeo and two nights of Gravy :rock playing at the bar and of course massive consumption of adut beverages :cheers :hombre

There was a bit of Tiki-esque debauchery, but no children or animals were harmed, no virgins de-flowered and no matter what rumors you might hear we did NOT steal the American Flag from in front of the lodge, we merely borrowed it for a late night parade back to camp. It was safely returned this morning.

Hooch, :wave, you’ll be proud of me. I invited a new late night snack - Bacon Nachos. They are AWESOME! :slight_smile:

I for on am very glad I went. Brush with felonious urges notwithstanding. :horsey

Anyone wanna come over and help clean camping gear??? I am too sleepy :zzz

OK… this is a little late… but I thought some of you might enjoy this little patriotic effort from the Muppets.

“Stars and Muppets Forever” -


xoxo R