In the queue which is moving soooooo slow. I’m number 4866 but after half an hour in line I’m still 4705. How did everyone else go?

No luck for me, hoping it went better for other campers but I will find a way to get there :green_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

I’m still in 5000s at 30 minutes in. I’m even just a volunteer trying to get camping.

I’m at 441 right now. Started at 1407. I still got TP tickets with 1800 last time, so fingers crossed. Not holding my breath.

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Looks like they are maybe only letting 200-300 in there at a time.

New forum really Sucks!

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Pardon my statement dont mean to sound negative … the simplicity of the original forum was amazing…

And here we go Again year after year love this part

I’ve been lucky enough to be demoing this new forum for a while now and while it was definitely an adjustment, the functionality of this new platform is leaps and bounds superior to the old SMF forum! Give it time!


Will do… Just prefer forumvarians more than Zuckerberg Zombies … and where are all the emojis

Tom, I got shut ou for tickets. Where do we o to buy/sell tickets now. (The old way was much easier on this forum.)

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Here’s the link to the Telluride Ticket exchange: Telluride Ticket Exchange / Swap - Festivarian Forum

Seems pretty user friendly. Except I lost my ‘420’ status. Lol
& I had all my years attend as well as a fun quote on the previous format.
I am very glad my photo made it as it is a historical TBF capture and I don’t have that photo anywhere else. :slightly_smiling_face:

Profile Photo: All the Festivarians bikes lined up outside of TP circa ‘98.

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We all do, eventually.

How did you go? Sending good vibes