In need of Camp Ground - Tent Camping advice/info

Hey folks,
My wife and 2 kids (10 and 12) are coming to Rocky Grass this year. We’ll be tent camping but don’t have passes yet. Never been to RGBF before or Lyons CO for that matter so I need some advice/info on where I should or should not camp. I see there is camping available at Riverbend and LaVern Johnson but no vehicle passes for either. How are those camp grounds? Will I have trouble trying to park my car somewhere in the vicinity? Are there other campgrounds I should try to score passes to? Are there places to camp near by? etc. etc. etc.
Any info you have to offer is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Go Bluegrass!

Both Riverbend and Lavern Johnson are within walking distance to the festival and parking is available for the duration of the festival at a small fee ($5.00) so the only time you need your vehicle is if you’re sleeping in it. Buses run continuously between the parking area and the festival. Since this is the first year that the ranch is open for parking and camping, I’m not sure how some of this may change.
Check the Ticket Exchange to see if anyone has the tickets you seek.


If you can get Riverbend tickets, get them. It’s close its cool, and your kids will love it. If you’re not camping in your vehicle you will not need it. You will love the camping and the festival. Great people, great setting, and great music. Your kids will love the river.


I am curious about parking this year as well. Bohn is under construction and parking in the new area is $35, but that is for car camping. Wondering what the plan is for parking as I know people parking on the streets is one of the biggest complaints from Lyons residents.

Some of us love Meadow park so much it’s hard to think about camping anywhere else.

Thanks to all who have chimed in. The info is very helpful.
Also glad to hear that you love Meadow Park. Since I originally posted I bought camping passes and scored a vehicle pass as well for LaVern Johnson, which I understand is the same as Meadow Park.
Is there a better place than another with in Meadow park to camp with children?
One last question, atleast for now, once I park in the campground, am I able to leave with my vehicle if I need to? Or do I have to wait until Sunday? I am sure I won’t need it Friday or Saturday but we are planning on getting there on Thursday and may want to drive somewhere…??