Improvements at Planet Bluegrass Festival Grounds

I was at Planet Bluegrass this last week for 8 days attending the academy and festival. I had a killer time but I do believe there are a few infrastructure issues that need to be addressed.

  1. The bathhouse needs to be scrapped and rebuilt. It is a mess. The toilet stalls are to small, the sink area is always a moth broth, the urinal is awful, not enough shower stalls and just overall tacky and poorly taken care of.

  2. MORE PORTA POTTYS. The lines were stupid during the festival. Come on.

  3. The shuttle to the parking at Bon either was sporadic or nonexistent.

These are all no brainers which seem to have been taken care of at Telluride. All the events seem to sell out so lets see some investment. All the flagstone is super but it fails to address the basic sanitary needs during the festival. The bathhouse was barely able to keep up with the academy folks. :huh :huh :huh :huh
thanks for listening, Pete Langford

Have to agree with the bus issue. My recollection from prior years (was only there 1 day last year) was that there were two buses going back and forth. This year, all three days, there was only one. While its not a long walk to Bohn from PB, those with young children and disabilities should not have to make that choice. This certainly would have been a huge issue if it rained as much as predicted.

More importantly, while we were walking, each bus we saw was crammed with folks standing, which to me, is just downright dangerous, and probably also slowed up the one bus that was circling. PB ought to deal with this as a safety issue.

P.S.- If one bus is going to be the way of the future, its to be expected that more people will try and park on the streets closer to PB. This is bound to create problems with the town.

When I tried to ride the shuttle on Friday, it was stuck at one of the red lights that wouldn’t change, so that could have been part of the problem that day. I did notice that it didn’t come around that often, though.

:wave I would have to say here that just the fact that there IS a shower is outstanding :flower
I mean camping and a shower, who ever heard of such a thing. :huh
Running water while camping is a grace not a givin. :huh SLAY this day lil campers and remember PBG grounds are off the charts. Improvments and mainteance are on ongoing thing and at times hard to keep up with. I know this first hand. I am sure PBG welcomes your feedback but let us remember this Ranch is just that, a beautiful small ranch that hosts a few times a year. Not a huge field without trees and portapotties lined up fpr days and days. I would rather stand in line for a longer period then have outhouses lined up all the way around this beautiful place and a cool shower is better then no shower folks. :medal

I heard that one of the buses was broken or was having issues for much of the weekend. I ended up walking to the parking lot once or twice.

For the record, we had some major bus issues during RockyGrass that were beyond our control.

We even switched companies mid-festival to try and remedy the issue. Given the fact that the issues arose on Thursday, finding a suitable replacement (that wasn’t booked for Red Rocks or another event) was difficult to say the least.

Hopefully the years of satisfactory shuttling services we provide can buy us a little grace for this year. Obviously we will be doing everything in our power to avoid a repeat next year.

The other feedback is certainly noted and, as always, appreciated.



That’s certainly fair and understandable. It did seem odd that this might be the new status quo. In any event, it would seem in this case or other unanticipated future issues, that given all the hodgepodge of announcements from the stage, that something should have been said to allow folks to alter their plans if necessary. Otherwise, a great event as always!

During the Folks Festival this weekend, my family used the shuttle buses quite a lot. I was happy with the short waits each time. They seemed to have coordinated well with each other (keeping in touch by radio.)

COMPLAINT: Smokers!!! I request that it be clearly and regularly announced that there is a smokers’ tent for that purpose. Each evening, we had to breathe cigarette smoke (I’m complaining about tobacco) from a nearby smoker in the crowd. Could there be more signage?? :frowning:

That is my only complaint. I think Planet Bluegrass folks do a wonderful job of running these festivals!

We didn’t make it to TBF this year, so maybe this has already been taken care of. I think some simple solar powered lights in the portapotties would be very helpful.

Ironically, this seems to fall in the “be careful what you ask for” department. That substandard bath house is washed away now.