Important newbie question - coffee and food!

I am excited about attending song school for the first time in a few weeks. I went to a 3-day workshop led by Mary Gauthier in 2016, and she is an amazing instructor. It changed my life! So looking forward to seeing her again and meeting other students and instructors.

I have a very important question. I live nearby in Boulder, but I’m planning to camp, so that I can participate in evening activities. I would love to not deal with food, however. Is there food and coffee one can purchase in walking distance of the camping area. Or should I bring camp stove, etc? Or should I enjoy my comfy home 20 minutes away?

Thanks for any advice!


In past years there’s always been free coffee and danish onsite in the mornings. I assume that tradition will continue. And there are two coffee houses in downtown Lyons you can walk to, just 1/4 mile away. So no problem.

I’ve taken Mary Gauthier’s class at Song School a couple of years. She’s great.

Other than coffee and danishes in the morning, is there any food onsite for purchase during song school, or should we plan camp food or running into town?


I forgot to mention that, in past years at least, one of the Folks Fest booths is open and sells breakfast burritos.

I’d say if you’re driving, sure, bring a couple of ice chests, one for food and one for drink. If you’re flying in from out-of-state, don’t worry about it. Just buy your meals there, and mooch off the Colorado people-- like me. I’m especially generous with people who offer to make a run into town to buy ice for me. :slight_smile: